Creating a Collaborative Learning Community

Good communication, collaboration and community-building skills are all closely related, so the good news is that when you reinforce one, you’re helping youth master the others. The most important thing is good modeling on your part. We often think of modeling simply in terms of demonstrating a technique to youth (e.g., how to use a piece of software or how to look a word up in the dictionary). Yet every minute you’re with youth and in everything you do,...
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Helping Youth Navigate Our Media Saturated World

While many people know of my work with YouthLearn, not many realize that my background is in fact in filmmaking. In my early days, I worked as a freelance producer and editor on a range of documentary, educational, and commercial projects. Some 25 years ago, I was asked to lead a documentary project with a group of teenagers on the far west side of Chicago. The vision and artistic creativity of that first group of young people was truly inspiring and led to my working...
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Teacher with student and camera

Teach Youth to Make Media for the World

“I look for professional quality because they’re capable of it!” says Ms. Thato Mwosa.  “Don’t be mediocre – be great.” Ms. Mwosa teaches TV Production at Madison Park High Technical Vocational High School, part of Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) partner Boston Public Schools. “I tell my students to make their work as professional as possible – ‘We’re not making something for the classroom. The point is you’re making things for the...
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How To: Mapping

Mapping is a simple and wonderfully versatile technique that you can use with your colleagues and kids for brainstorming, organizing thoughts and generating ideas. They can be used to define a curriculum, plan a project, select a theme, develop a simple story or to add energy and enthusiasm to a repetition-based exercise such as pattern writing. Whether you’re doing a project with the whole class, breaking up into teams or working on individual projects, mapping...
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Chole Richard

Youth Media Snowballs in Africa with Creative Educator Chole Richard

Chole Richard is a teacher at PMM Girl’s School in Jinja, Uganda, and has participated in Adobe Youth Voices through network partner iEARN. His stewardship and outreach on behalf of youth media makers brings people in the community hope and tools of empowerment. “The idea of having an audience that appreciates what they do has a magical effect on young people, which gives them confidence to express themselves more freely.  Perhaps many of the world’s problems...
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Strategies for Family Engagement

The phrase “it takes a village” may be a cliché, but the fact is that your program is part of a network of people who have the goal of helping youth and their community. It would be just plain foolish not to use all of those people and relationships to help your program succeed. In fact, all too often, parents and relatives—the most important people in the children’s lives—are left out of the equation. One of the most wonderful things to see is when a...
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Articles feature teaching techniques and program examples of integrating project-based learning and/or technology. Whether you’re a veteran or only just beginning your career as an educator, we hope you  find the information in these articles support you in your important work.

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